„Design meets Craft“ is a spin off of ABURY Collection GmbH transforming its experiences to a scalable platform model. 


ABURY is bringing together international designers with traditional artisans since 2011. ABURY is also a certified  B Corp since May 2017. 

The best designers are selected through the ABURY Design Experience - the first global designer contest giving grants to designers to go to and work in a craft community for 2 months. 

After working in the sector for many years and in many countries - Andrea identified four main areas that artisans are struggling with: 

  • contemporary design
  • quality management / education
  • professional and fair business processes
  • access to international markets

This is when the idea of "Design meets Craft“ was born!

The origin of Abury

  • ABURY identifies the best emerging  designers and invites them to traditional craft communities. 
  • Designer provide quality, trend and design workshops to the artisans. 
  • Together, they create a uniquely designed,  handmade collection, 
  • ABURY brings the collection and the stories to the  market and the people. 
  • 50% of the profits are re-invested in further education  projects in the communities