• Social Media, PR, Branded Content and storytelling 
  • Crowdfunding to fundraise but also create awareness for the platform and the community •Artisans/Designers and stakeholders around the globe will promote their own market platform •Media and ambassador strategy, Influencer Marketing 
  • DmC blog and content marketing / SEA in special interested media channels •Leveraging partner channels, e.g. sponsors, media coops, social institutions, influencer, etc. 

Acquisition of designers  

  • Targeted PR strategy and brand cooperations with Dawanda, Etsy, Collabora etc.  
  • Co-operations with over 400 universities in the world / activation of the designers and professors 

Acquisition of artisans

  • Regional ambassadors for networking and lobbying with the governments and local institutions
  • Cooperations with local and international craft organizations (e.g. Swift Swaziland, Indian Crafts Center, Coopita, Aspen Institute)